Borislav Balushev - photographer

Featured Projects

Photography for Virtual Museum of Tutrakan

In April 2016 was launched the new web page of the Virtual Museum of Tutrakan I was honored by the sponsors by giving me the chance to catch the spirit and mood of this beautiful town located on the riverside of Danube. The job included creation of Virtual tour, photographing of the Museum exibitions as well as general views from the city needed for the colourful vision of the web site.



Interior photography for "CCU Dobrinishte" hotel

CCU Dobrinishte hotel is a part of CCU hotel chains. It's a complex of 6 family houses situated at "Ruskovets Resorts" in the skirts of Pirin mountain. Shooting took part at the beggining of 2016 and was the last stage of the large project of photographing the whole hotel chain. Images will be used for the oncoming web page of the hotel as well as for print and presentational purposes. A Virutal tour of the property has also been preperated. See how the beatiful houses look through my lenses.



Interior photography for "Profibar"

Profibar is a nice new coffee bar located just across the arch of the Sprots Academy in Sofia. If you comming by, don't miss the chance to try their incredibile smoothies. Have a touch to the bar's cosy athmosphere by browsing the gallery below. Images will be used for web and print purposes.



Interior and exterior photography of COOP hotel chains


I'm presentin a selection of the most interesting photographs taken for COOP chain of hotels, which are situated on different attractive spots in Bulgaria. Special thanks to the people from company's administration who trusted me for this responsible  enterprise, as well as for the positive feedback when it was succefully accomplished. Shooting took place at the end of summer 2015 and the images will be used for advertising purposes as well as for building the brand new web sites of the hotel chain.


See the virtoul tour for "Rozhen" hotel



Interior photography of luxury properties

A resume of one of my prominent projects in 2015 in which I had the task to catch the special athmosphere of private luxury properties located on the Black Sea coast. The images were used for presentation in limited edition property magazine.


Wedding photography 2014

I'm glad to present you a resume of my wedding projects in 2014. A different look over the fortunate moments of the people that trusted me on their big day.

Click on the image to visit the galery.


Montana - Vidin - Dolj

In the summer of 2014 under the '"Romania-Bulgaria Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013", which is co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development, a web portal has been launched. The web site's purpose is to promote the sightseeings of the participating municipalites.

Shooting the images and the video was  a memorable adventure. I'm presenting a selection of views that will remind me of that incredibile part of Bulgaria. Hopefully they will provoke some of you to get in the car and start treir jurney to the North-West.

click to view the images


Discover the unknown part of the Balkans 

In 2014 was also completed the p​roject "Discover the unknown part of the Balkans" as a part of The Cross-Border Cooperation Programme between the municipalites of Montata - Bulgaria and Nish - Serbia.

The project's objectives is to advertise the tourist destinations on the teritory of Montana and Nish municipalities. I had the pleasure to take part in it as a photographer and the images were used for print materials and for the gallery on the website.

Click on the image below to become a part of the magic called North-West Bulgaria.



Central Cooperative Bank advertisment

I'm glad to present some advertising photographs - a project from 2014 for promotion of a common product between leading Bulgarian companies. Pictures were taken along with a TV advertisment on four different locations at some of the most prominent facilites of the participating companies.

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Following the path of faith, the Apostles and ancient civilizations in the heart of Stara Planina.

I'm sharing a few moments with you, captured in some of the most attractive places in Bulgaria, situated at the territory of municipalities of Etrople - Pravets -Teteven. The pictures were taken under the project "Following the path of faith, Apostles and ancient civilizations in the heart of Stara Planina" with the support of The European Union and the Operational Programme Regional Development and will be used for preparation of printing marerials and web site.

click to visit municipalities of Etrople, Pravets and Teteven



Virtual tour of the historical museum at Gotse Delchev town.

The virtual tour is a part of the new web site of the museum under the project "Popularization and Preservation Of The Cultural and Historical Heritage in The Cross Border Region Gotse Delchev - Prosochani", project acronym CULGER, financed under European Territorial Cooperation Programme Greece - Bulgaria 2007-2013

Virtual tour of the regional museum in the town of Gotse Delchev, Bulgaria



First prize at the competition for logo design of sports-tourist organization, Dimitrovgrad, Serbia

The winning project is mine and was selected among 20 others, created by 8 participants in the competition


Wedding photogrpahy in the years of 2012 and 2013.

I'm glad to present you a selection of wedding photographs taken in 2012 and 2013. I have included different moments so you could feel the overall spirit of the celebrations.

click here to visit ghe gallery.


Poratal for cultural and natural heritage and sustainable tourism

Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria - Surdulica, Serbia

The portal was finished in 2012. You could visit it at

The project is co-funded by EU trough the Bulgaria–Serbia IPA Cross-border Programme

Thanks to the portal tourists and visitors will be able to access large database containing pictures of all tourist destinations, virtual tours, tourist routes, GIS maps, information about hotels and restaurants and many more.

I was honoured to take part in the project as a main photograpger and I'm happy to share some of the moments which will remind me of that interesting and emotional enterprice.

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Photographic Exhibition "Koprivshtitsa in details"

I'm proud to present you my second photo exhibition where you'll be able to get a closer look at the typical architecture style of Koprivshtitsa which has saved it's traditions from the beggining of 18th century.

The photographs will be sold for charity to help building a monument of Petko Karavelov in his birth town.

The exhibition opens at 13.30h on 12 Oct 2012 in the firs class school museum. It will stay there until 12 Nov 2012.

click here to see the exhibition


Ulrik and Valya's wedding

The beautiful images are inspired by the amazing westcoast of Greece and the good mood and smily faces of guests and bride and groom. 


Rila Monastery virtual tour

Take a look at the frescoes of the most popular Bulgarian monstery  There's no need to go there, just click on the image below to start the virtual walk

Click to view the virtual tour


Virtual tour in the museum of wine near town of Pleven

The wine museum is presented by virtual tours in the three main halls. HDR technology has been used in order to compensate the huge difference of the light intensity in the different parts of the halls 

Virtual tour of the wine museum in the town of Pleven


Pamidovo Wine Cellar

Presenting one of the leading wine cellars in Bulagaria in a different and artisric way. The emphasis is on the cobination between new techologies and traditions of the wine-production in Bulgaria. The images contribute the achieving of a new and modern vision of the winery and will be used in the preparing of presentation products.


Cross border cooperation programme between Pleven (Bulgaria) and Dolj (Romania) districts

Photographing of tourist destinations in Pleven and Dolj districts as a part of an Eurpean program for straightening the cross-border cooperation in the field of tourism. The images have been published in a tourist catalogue with circulation of 4000 copies. The catalogue will be distributed in the tourist centres of Pleven and Dolj districts.


"Venera" Beauty Studio 

Virtual tour of a branch of "Venera" beauty studio located at "Cherkovna" 38 str.  The results have been achieved by using HDR tehnology. The purpose of the images is their implementation on the  web site of the beauty chain. 


"Munisto" - Art Jewellery Shop

Photographing the new  shop of  Munisto, located on "Alabin" str in Sofia. Special attention has been paid to the bright colours and countless  shapes and tiny details typical for Munisto and their beautiful products.