Borislav Balushev - photographer

interior photography

Photography for balneotherapy centre "Zdrave", Bankya 

Interior photography for balneotherapy centre "Zdrave" located in the town of Bankya. The images were taken after the completion of a major renovation of the interior. They will be used for advertising and presentation purposes.



Interior and exterior photogrpafy of a busines building 

Interior and exterior photography of the head quarters of CCU Bulgaria, located in the centre of Sofia. Pictures were taken after a complete renovation of the builiding and will represent it on  "Building of the year" contest in category Business building for 2018.



Interior photography for luxury properties

A resume of one of my prominent projects in 2015 in which I had the task to catch the special athmosphere of private luxury properties located on the Black Sea coast. The images were used for presentation in limited edition property magazine.



Interior photography of private homes 

A selection of images taken in private apartments rented on short-term bases. I know  how important are good images when choosing a place  for а short stay, that's why I don't save efforts and imagination to present every property at it's best




Interior photography for Coop Hotel Sofia

ИInterior and exterior photography for one of the new luxorious hotels in the heart of Sofia. Images will present the hotel in the "Building of the year 2017" contest . 




Interior photography for guest house "Lavanda",  Kovatchevitsa

In the spring of 2017 I was invited by the owners of guest house "Lavanda" to contribute their already large collection of photos of the place. I didn't save efforts and imagination trying to capture the spirit of that remarkable place, created with lots of work and dedication. During the shooting I took traditional interior photos and created virtual tour which was afterwards published in Google street view platform. Pictures will be used for promoting the house in different accommodation sites.




Interior photogrpahy for shops and retail stores 

Interior photogrpahy for  Versace and Escada shops situated in Mall Paradise in the city of Sofia.




Interior photography for Link Studio

Interior photography and virtual tour in Google street vew for one of the leading tattoo studios in Sofia. Images were used for creating the brand new web site of the studio -




Interior photography for "CCU Dobrinishte" hotel

CCU Dobrinishte hotel is a part of CCU hotel chains. It's a complex of 6 family houses situated at "Ruskovets Resorts" in the skirts of Pirin mountain. Shooting took part at the beggining of 2016 and was the last stage of the large project of photographing the whole hotel chain. Images will be used for the oncoming web page of the hotel as well as for print and presentational purposes. A Virutal tour of the property has also been preperated. See how the beatiful houses look through my lenses.



Interior photography for "Profibar"

Profibar is a nice new coffee bar located just across the arch of the Sprots Academy in Sofia. If you comming by, don't miss the chance to try their incredibile smoothies. Have a touch to the bar's cosy athmosphere by browsing the gallery below. Images will be used for web and print purposes.



Interior and exterior photography of COOP hotel chains


I'm presentin a selection of the most interesting photographs taken for COOP chain of hotels, which are situated on different attractive spots in Bulgaria. Special thanks to the people from company's administration who trusted me for this responsible  enterprise, as well as for the positive feedback when it was succefully accomplished. Images will be used for advertising purposes as well as for building the brand new web sites of the hotel chain.

See the virtoul tour for "Rozhen" hotel



Interior photography of a designer office space 

Interior photography in the stylish office of a new innovative company Triplepro.  Images were used for updating their corporate web site.



Interior photography for a massage studio

Interior photography for "Euphoria" massage studio in the center of Sofia. My job was made easier by the perfectly designed interior of the studio. Images were used for making the new web site of the studio.




Interior photography for other properties and locations

A selection of images from a different occasions including interior images of  hotels, bars, spa centers and private properties.